NEW! Fish Party Sit and Go's!

Posted 19. may 2016

NEW! Fish Party Sit and Go's!

The MPN Network is set to launch their own version of a Lottery SNG by July 11. It`s own special slots-inspired twist—the top prize will be progressive.

The format is expected to be called 'Fish Party Sit and Go', named after a progressive slot from Microgaming's casino offering. The rake is going to be set at 5% for all levels. On launch, the available buy-ins are €1, €5, €10, €20 and €50. 

Each players starts with 500 chips. The increase frequency of blinds defaults to every two minutes for low-end prizes, but increases when the top prizes are being played for.

Fish Party Sit and Go format will differ to the rest of the market is this one will have a progressive jackpot for the top prize at each buy-in level. This would mirror the system used in progressive online slots, where every time you add money to the prize pool and miss the jackpot, the jackpot increases, making it more alluring over time. 

Size of Prize Pool
in Buy-ins
Frequency of Payout
(Out of 1 ,000 ,000)
5000 + progressive jackpot 5 0.0005% 50/30/20
500 50 0.005% 50/30/20
100 200 0.02% Winner Take All
50 2800 0.28% Winner Take All
20 7000 0.7% Winner Take All
6 35000 3.5% Winner Take All
3 225000 22.5% Winner Take All
2 729945 72.9945% Winner Take All